Partnership is
Our True North.

We help you reach your destination. Whether that’s selling your business outright or charting a course to grow your enterprise value 2x, Indrio can help you get where you want to be.

Pilot, Co-pilot, Navigator?
—Your Choice

You set the terms for your expedition. As a company of entrepreneurs and operators, we’ve sat in every seat and can support you by taking the yoke or backing you up in a dog fight. Whatever the plan, we’ll be there as your Co_Partner®.

About Us
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Our Brands

We build, grow, and buy awesome D2C (and sometimes B2B) businesses. From innovative eCommerce sites to legacy brands, we help to clear a unique path for each Co-Partner® company we take on.

The Indrio Advantage

We've got the gear to accelerate growth and protect your legacy. These tools and terms don’t feel like your typical private equity profile, because we’re not private equity investors. Explore our points of difference here.

Investing Approach

Looking to sell your business? Need a strategic partner for growth? Drop us a line and we’ll reach out to explore a partnership.